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More than any other gem, every opal is distinctly unique; much like each of our clients, candidates, and the positions for which we recruit. An opal's special characteristics require thorough examination and investigation in order to properly appreciate and understand their attributes. This is exactly how we approach human resources and recruitment to the mutual benefit of our clients and candidates.

  • Why Choose Us?

    With over 17 years of industry experience, backed by the successes we've acquired over the years, OPAL's team of recruitment specialists are clearly driven by results.

  • Reaching Out Worldwide

    Our recruitment and placement services are not just available locally. Our partnerships extend Canada-wide and even across North American borders.

  • We're Socially Responsible

    Our organization fully embraces social responsibility including philanthropy, volunteering, ethical labour practices, and environmental changes.

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Our Services

How OPAL Can Help You Succeed

The relationships we've built with clients, candidates, and the community are based on a solid foundation of trust, loyalty, fair and ethical business practices, and ultimately delivering the results expected from a top-tier recruitment firm.



We know that the needs of our client partners will vary from day-to-day. Our scalable service offerings help clients to meet the business' requirements, regardless of whether human resource demands have been meticulously planned or arise suddenly.

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As a professional in your field, you are now looking to take the next steps in progressing your career. Sometimes, this may prove more challenging than you'd expect. Let us utilize our vast network of business connections to put you in front of the right people.

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OPAL Corporate Connections is adamant about giving back to our community. Going beyond charitable donations, we want to be an active participant in projects that promise to uplift our fellow citizens and benefit our communities as a whole.

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Getting Connected is the First Step

Our partners span multiple industries and these thriving organizations are looking for individuals, like you, to help take them to the next level of success.


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The needs of our clients and candidates will always vary, project to project. However, what will not waver is our dedication to producing the results our partners expect from us.

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Our partners stand in support of us, as we deliver on the results we promise to them.

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