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What We Believe...

OPAL Corporate Connections’ stands firmly behind our corporate responsibility programs. Giving to ‘the community’, locally and abroad, is not only important to us and our employees, it is a major driving force in our everyday business practices and inspires us to do much more. We want to positively change people’s lives, professionally and personally, and believe this can happen by ensuring our social and environmental impact can bring forth change and optimism to the world.

At the very core of everything we do is the intent of community service, connection, and engagement. We are an organization that puts people first, and with the understanding of how complex, and different, people and their situations are, we try our best to spread our time, effort, and volunteering between multiple groups and non-profit organizations. Also, we work with our employees in selecting causes and community organizations that mean the most to them. This uplifts our employees to be proud of their accomplishments and to know they’ve contributed to something of significant, personal importance.


Some of Community Organizations We Work With

Women's Shelters Canada

In 2009, drawn together by a shared vision to end violence against women, the provincial and territorial shelter associations began giving shape to Women’s Shelters Canada (formerly the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses). They have become a national, collaborative voice for change. The Network was incorporated and became a charitable organization in November 2012.

They are working towards a world where:

  • Everybody matters – people of all genders, all cultures, all faiths, all abilities are valued and have equitable access to resources, power and justice, and all are safe from violence.
  • Society uses an inclusive, intersectional, equity-based lens to make decisions.
  • Organizations and systems are collaborative and accountable.
  • The Earth, on which we all depend for survival, is protected.

Visit their website here: Women's Shelters Canada

Le Coin Franco

Le coin franco aims to create a French-speaking space in Halton Hills by planning activities in French for all participants (young and old) that include not only the multicultural aspect of French speakers in the Halton Hills region but also take into account the fact that many Francophones want to develop their confidence in speaking French and knowledge of French history and culture

Visit their website here: Le Coin Franco

Fondation Franco-Ontarienne

Since 1986, the Fondation Franco-Ontarienne has been a philanthropic partner in supporting Ontario's Francophone community. With the help of its donors and partners, the Foundation contributes to the vitality of our communities by supporting people and local and provincial initiatives that inspire and mobilize.

Visit their website here: Fondation Franco-Ontarienne

First Book Canada

First Book Canada’s mission is to transform the lives of children in need by improving access to educational opportunities. By building up the home libraries of less-advantaged children, the FBC team works to develop resilient communities and reduce the educational inequities that entrench many Canadians in poverty. FBC programs provide access to cultural capital in the form of new books emphasizing the importance of diversity & inclusion in the development of essential skills beyond literacy – including social & emotional competencies, S.T.E.A.M. education, and youth empowerment as change-makers.

Visit their website here: First Book Canada

Mustangs - Youth/Girls Soccer Team (Georgetown, ON)

OPAL Corporate Connections has been a proud sponsor of "The Mustangs", a youth/girls soccer team in Georgetown, Ontario. Engaging in sports is important for more than just physical fitness. Playing sports often means being part of a team and this allows for building skills in a whole range of areas. As well as learning all of the techniques involved, children can also develop their life skills. Playing team sports encourages cooperation and sharing, resilience, goal setting and building relationships. Learning to lose is also an important skill that’s often uncovered through playing sport.

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