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Service Offerings & Capabilities

Consider Us an Extension of Your Human Resources Team!

With over 20 years of recruitment success, OPAL Corporate Connections has a proven track record of delivering results to our client partners. Trust us to support your organization’s efforts in the areas of:

  • Professional / Executive Search

  • Bilingual Candidate Sourcing

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  • Contract Placements (Short & Long Term)

The Recruitment Process

We'll Connect You with
Your Ideal Candidates

OPAL Corporate Connections fully understands that securing and retaining talented employees is crucial to the overall success of your team, and organization. However, to effectively do this requires skillful precision during the entire recruitment cycle.

Here's how we can assist you at each stage of the hiring process:

Why Choose OPAL Corporate Connections?

Simply Put - We Deliver Results

We know that no two recruitment mandates are ever the same. There are nuances, intricate details, and fundamental requirements that must be understood, accepted, and ingrained into every sourcing strategy we develop and execute. This approach to talent acquisition is exactly why the partnerships we have with our clients have proven fruitful and why our reputation in the recruitment industry is pristine.

Unique Sourcing Methods

Making Connections Requires Creativity...

With so many different resources out there, a professional recruiter needs to be able to weed through the masses to connect with the right candidates.

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    Direct Recruitment / Head-Hunting

    Best utilized for specialized positions or those requiring a very specific skill set, OPAL will approach ideal candidates directly, with tact and professionalism. These are typically potential candidates that don't even realize what opportunities are out there for them.

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    Professional and Social Media Platforms

    The online/internet landscape has changed drastically. As a result, it has opened up multiple avenues for recruiters to pursue in searching for candidates. While job boards can still be utilized, our sourcing results are drastically improved as we effortlessly navigate other social platforms.

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    Often a missed opportunity by other firms, OPAL will always seek referrals from other successful candidates we've placed in the past. The potential candidates are, in a sense, vetted and pre-qualified, by their peers. People will not typically vouch for others that might be a poor reflection on them.

Placement Guarantees

Know that OPAL has Your Back...

We know that our clients are heavily invested in their team members, with respect to time and resources. As such, we value and will protect your investments.

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    Each Placement is Unique

    While numerous recruitment firms will offer their clients "run-of-the mill" placement guarantees, that's not how OPAL works. We'll work with our clients to formulate placement guarantees that fit the complexity and nature of the role.

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    Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

    OPAL will always aim to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied! We strive to establish long-lasting partnerships with every organization that we work with. If you're not happy with our recruitment results, we will fix it.

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    Pro-Active, Not Reactive

    Once a candidate has been placed, our job is still not done. We will regularly follow-up with both candidates and clients to ensure that all is going well. Should there be any concerns, OPAL can assist, as required, to help circumvent a potential resignation or termination.